En-First Pte,Ltd.


Your data is protected

“We care about security as much as your do and we do it well. If you think that your desktop computer or server is more secure than our data center then you are probably wrong. Our server provides a highly secure and reliable IT infrastructure services environment, such as fully redundant power, fully redundant cooling, fully redundant CRAU, un-interruptible power supply, 24X7 monitoring, 24X7 CCTV monitoring, 24X7 physical security monitoring ” Our service uses the HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) over the internet. We are using the Godaddy Supports strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption SSL certificate.

We don't allow any action without log

Our En-First App has the features of event-log and audit-trail, which keep track of every user logging into the system and the tasks he performs. These features are superior to other off-the-shelf software, to ensure no transaction can take place without you or your staff knowing about it.

Do not bother to back up your data

Because we automatically do it for you. This will eliminate a lot of extra demand on your resources in creation and managing of backup copies on your own.